Saturday, 22 December 2007

So What Do You Do When You Get There?

What happens when you have made it all the way? This a question all of the OzBusers now have to deal with, some carry on their travels with our Irish brothers heading for South Africa less than a week after we arrive. Some head off round Oz, others come together in Sydney for drinks, birthday parties, to plan Christmas etc. Many are looking for work others just resting from Christmas and New Year before moving on.

Me, I have decided to stop for a while, I went on this trip to make a new start, I had notions of carrying on and travelling more of the world but now I am in Sydney I find that I have no wish to leave. In the two weeks I have been here I have managed to get a job, a good job at a respected PR firm with high profile clients, the job allows me to stay in Oz for a number of years and so I will just take it from here and see where life takes me, who knows what it has in store but I can’t wait to find out…

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