Thursday, 29 May 2008

The AU$400 Month

In preparation for the next phase of my travels I am trying to save up some much needed cash to do this. I am happy to say that I have been fairly good at doing this while I have been in Sydney and have manages to put away a tidy sum over the last few months but to be honest I need more!

A woman I work with mentioned something to me back at the start of the year that has stuck with me; she called it the $400 month. The aim is to only spend AU$400 over the course of a month. Essentials such as travel to work, work expenses, rent and bills are excluded but everything else has to come out of your set budget.

This sounds fairly harsh and would certainly put a crimp in your social life so why am I choosing to do this? Well the key is to get a group of people to do it and one of the rules is you have to socialise. This results in dinner parties consisting of a goon of wine and beans on toast, amazing cocktails made from the weird booze you have in the back of your cupboard and strange culinary concoctions made up of that stuff you forgot you had in the freezer.

I am sure it will prove to be a real challenge but both my bank balance and I will be very pleased if we make it through the other side. I am starting this crazy month on the 10th June and will finish on the 10th July, the Thursday before I leave Sydney to hit the road.

Check back for updates as the month progresses and we will see if I succeed or fail; only time will tell…

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