Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Sircling Stralia

The next adventure is here! I have decided to leave the harbour side lifestyle of Sydney behind me, I have handed in my notice at work, told my friends and family and am currently planning an epic journey, just me, my girlfriend and the open road, all the way around the continent that is Stralia! (This is, as far as can tell, the real name for Australia as no one who comes from these parts seems to pronounce the ‘Au’ and I think they have a good laugh at us tourists when we do).

We will be leaving Sydney on the 11th July in a campervan that I am yet to acquire (see earlier posts on last minute and deadlines and you will realise that I will probably end up getting this on the 10th July if I’m lucky) and heading North. Detailed plans are still being made on the exact route but North to Cairns, East to Broome, South to Perth and West back to Sydney is a rough outline with a slight detour off to Tasmania along the way.

We have four months to complete the trip before immigration begin searching for us so lets hope we make it all the way round! More details will be posted here as they are worked out and I will make sure to keep the blog going while I am on the road.

OzBus are also doing a very similar trip called OzBus Down Under but there one does not kick off till next year and takes a slightly different route to us but hopefully I can leave a few tips for the future Down Under OzBusers as I go!

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