Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Once again it is time for the “last time…”

Well here we are again, the last few days before travelling becomes my life again and to say I am excited is an understatement in the extreme. The van is kitted out to the max and ready to go. It even had its first fully loaded test drive today which it passed with flying colours. Our flat is becoming increasingly empty as the days go buy as more and more stuff is collected by eBay bargain hunters, posted home, thrown away or given to charity shops (I haven’t actually done the latter yet but will before I leave – promise).

For anyone who has not had to slim there life down to fit into the inside of a rucksack and whatever space you have in your car this can be both a harrowing and liberating experience. When you start to pack up you realise how many luxury items you collect that really do very little other than clutter up your home. Did you really need a wine rack? bean bags? a fibre optic Christmas tree? a cordless phone? They are certainly not much use in a camper wagon. But while it is liberating the harrowing element is that you are deconstructing your life. When you settle somewhere for a while it becomes home and to pack it all up again and leave it all behind can be a sad day. While I was sorting out my keys the other day I realised that once I leave Sydney I will not have a set of house keys anymore! These days there is nowhere that I truly consider to be my home and it is a sad feeling. I am sure in the future I will find home, I thought I had in Sydney but that was not meant to be, not yet. Who knows what the future holds but I plan to enjoy finding out!

Now with a few days left I find myself back where I was before I left London on the OzBus, I keep realising I am doing things for the last time. Yesterday was my last staff meeting at work, today is my last in-house day out at Belrose and Sunday was my last dinner at my favourite restaurant in North Sydney. I have rented my last DVD from McMahons Point Blockbuster, fought for the communal washing machine on Monday evening for the last time and have more than likely done dozens of other things for the last time without even realising it. So I will leave you with this thought, if the next time you do something could be the last make sure you enjoy it as much as you can, do it as well as you are able and remember it for as long as possible.

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