Thursday, 23 August 2007


In many things we do in life we look for approval from others, whether it is in work and you need your client to approve your latest press release or when you are introduced to your partner’s friends to see if they think you are good enough approval is an important thing to many of us.

I often wonder if the people I know approve of my choices over the last few months. I have made some pretty big ones to be fair including the impending bus trip across the globe. Don't get me wrong I am not some kind of approval junkie, most of the time people can like it or lump it when it comes to what I decide to do with my life but there are a few choice individuals who I hope do approve and more importantly understand what I am doing and why I am doing it.

So now I find myself with 3 full days left in the office before I leave work, three and a bit weeks till the bus leaves and a fairly lengthy to do list to sort out before departure, the remaining days will fly by and before I know it we will pulling into Prague and the adventure will have begun in earnest!

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