Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Is it really less than three weeks away?

With the bank holiday weekend behind us there is now less than three weeks till the departure of OzBus 1 and it is definitely about time the reality of the trip sank in, but I truly don’t think it has. Life seems to be carrying on as normal, I am still doing my washing, cleaning the house, going out for drinks with friends, taking my girlfriend home to meet the parents playing with my Mum’s dogs wondering what to have for lunch and so on and it seems that the thing furthest from my mind is giving this all up and leaving on a bus.

I think the problem is that life has been going very well recently, things have been falling into place in a way that I never expected and I have no idea how the bus trip will affect this. I have spent years sticking to a similar routine, work, the occasional holiday, beers at the weekend and that is all about to change and, let’s be honest, it scares me about as much as it excites me.

But as I have mentioned before we can not let fear control our lives and nothing is ever as scary as we think it will be. The trip will be an amazing experience, the people I will meet along the way will open my eyes to new cultures and traditions, the people I go with will hopefully become life long friends and the person I want to spend the most time with will be sat next to me the whole way, life at the moment is great and leaving it all behind seems completely insane but I hope it will turn out to be the best experience of my life, but as always only time will tell…

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