Wednesday, 22 August 2007


It is amazing how easily you can get distracted these days, distractions are all around us. Whether it is the temptation of the nipping onto Facebook at work to see what your fellow OzBusers have written on the group’s wall or taking five minutes out to write the latest bit of random social commentary for your blog it is all to easy to stray.

I have lots of little things and a couple of big things to get sorted out before my trip but there always seems to be something much more entertaining or interesting to do, as some of you will know I am a deadline kind of guy and this is mainly because I have the attention span of a gnat on acid and really can’t stay focussed on things unless they are really urgent. Don't worry I am working on this but as I keep getting distracted it is taking me a while to overcome it.

The OzBus is probably going to be a good environment for me as the organisational element is pretty much out of my hands leaving my to do list very much in the here and now rather than in the future, tasks such as putting up the tent and rinsing the pans after cooking are much more my scene than get jabs, sort out visas, rent out house, etc so bring on the bus, I can’t wait!

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