Monday, 20 August 2007

What a weekend!

As some of you may have noticed, and this is a big assumption because it means that some of you have looked on here since Friday, I have not written anything over the weekend and this was because it was a very busy and enjoyable weekend that did not leave me with much time to write my blog. My weekend actually began on Thursday with another OzBus drinks, this time down by Thames at Embankment, another good night ensued with much drinking and socialising and the announcement of the first OzBus romance!

Friday followed on but did not involve the normal trip to the office as I had the day off, so I began this by finally getting my jabs for the trip. I then spent the rest of the day pootling round London getting various jobs done and then spent a quiet night in with my new OzBus friend. On Saturday I headed into town for a boys night out (starting at 2:30 in the afternoon).

After watching Wales play Argentina in the rugby and consuming several pints we did a quick stop off at a bar in Clerkenwell well known locally for its live entertainment then headed over towards the Barbican, via KFC for a quick stock up, to The Shakespeare, one of our favourite watering holes, to watch the England France game, which of course England won (I was too drunk at this point to really remember the score so am just pretending we won so no comments on this one please, just humour me). After this the decision was made to head back to my place in North London, which I am selling at the moment, to give it one last send off.

Four of us headed off from the pub back to mine, a crate of Pepsi Max, a bottle of Appleton’s and a large bottle of vodka in hand, a quick trip to the kebab shop and an extended invite to my OzBus friend to join us (I was really drunk and for some reason thought “I know this would be a great time for her to meet my mates!”) and we were ready to carry on the party.

Now recent studies have shown that if you combine rugby players with alcohol and introduce new people to them there is a very high chance that they will be naked the first time they meet her and my friends did not disappoint, when I left the living room to open the front door they were sat there having a quiet drink, in the time it took me to show her to the front room two of them were completely starkers and sitting there as if it was the most natural thing in the world! To be fair she survived this experience with grace and style.

Sunday began with a fry up, carried on with a trip to Islington, continued with a quick trip to the pub and ended back at mine finishing off an amazing weekend in the best way possible, in summation this was a great weekend, as I hope all the remaining weekends before departure will be, but this one has set the standard for the rest to live up to!

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