Monday, 6 August 2007

The First Last

This morning on the way into the office I bought my monthly travel card as I have done around the start of the month every month for the last 5 or 6 years and it got me thinking. As there is not much point in doing that again, as last time I checked the OzBus does not take Oyster, I had truly begun to do things for the “last time”. This seemingly innocuous action got me thinking, was this actually the first thing I would do for the last time or was it just the first one to catch my attention?

Over the coming weeks there will be a lot of lasts, there will be the last day at work, the last pay day, the last beer with friends, the last day in my house and so on but these all seem so obvious, what other lasts are there that pass us by without us realising? Have I already had my last Chinese takeaway before I go, have I spent my last evening out in Wimbledon Village have I had to run like a madman to catch the 57 bus for the last time? I think the lesson to take from this is anytime we do something it could be the last time so make the most of it, live it up and make sure you live life with no regrets.

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