Sunday, 5 August 2007

Wales, Wales, bloody great fishes are Wales

My commiserations to any Welsh readers of my blog, if you were watching the rugby yesterday you will know what I am talking about! Finally England seem to have found some form, with Johnny back in shape and the power house Delalio storming through the Welsh defence like they were made of paper it was a dark day indeed for Welsh rugby. With the final score coming at 62-5 (the most points Wales has ever lost to England by) the World Cup is looking more promising than it did a few days ago. Plus I managed to get a seat in a beer Garden where I had a clear view of the telly in the pub, sunshine, rugby, beer, result!

Of course the Rugby World Cup is a bit of a sore point for me, while I am here for some of the group matches and am actually heading to Paris to watch England take on South Africa in the pool matches I will in fact be in Iran for most of the key games and am fairly sure it will not be easy to find anywhere to watch it. The saving grace is that we should be in Pakistan for the final and hopefully I will find a bar showing the game. I managed to miss England’s triumph the last time round as I was in Venice and could not find a bar anywhere so ended up getting running commentary from friends via calls and text messages but it is just not the same.

So after watching the rugby, ironically enough with a Welsh friend, I then proceeded to head home to play a bit of poker with the lads and had to feel sorry for the Welsh again as my friend bought in for the third time, he did alright in the end only losing about £6 but for a man who has just come back from travelling and has £20 to his name till he gets a job that is quite a chunk of change!

But it also appears that summer has finally arrived so rather than continue to prattle on about this and that I am off to enjoy the sunshine and advise you all to do the same…

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