Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Future Gazing

What is most important to you? Not an easy question to answer and especially not in a public forum such as this, as you are bound to offend at least one person if you are not extremely careful, but an important question none the less.

At the start of this year my answer to this question was very different to what it is now. The idea of packing it all in and taking an extended break had not even entered my mind, I had commitments that I thought were life long and could not see myself ending up in a situation where I could finally fulfil my long standing dream of hitting the travelling trail but you never know what is waiting round the corner and how it will affect you.

The key to this is to try and really focus on what is important to you in spite of what is going on in your life, there will always be commitments and things that can stop you doing what in your heart of hearts you know to be the right thing. The main problem here is that following your heart can be difficult and seen by many as selfish but if we don't do what is important to us and worry about others all the time we can easily come to resent people for holding us back, it is a fine line to walk and must be approached with due care and attention.

For the first time in my life I finally seem to be doing things for me and as expected some see this as selfish, some see it as escapism and some see it as the best thing I have ever decided to do. Whichever viewpoint comes out on top in the end I go into this adventure with no regrets about the decisions I have made and excited about the life changing decisions that the future holds, I may be unsure as to what is to come but I have never been more excited to find out!

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Lawrie said...

I'm following your blog with intense interest as I'm planning to Ozbus from Sydney to London in January next year. I hope you're able to keep blogging in transit as your record of your experiences on the Ozbus maiden journey will be fascinating - especially for a prospective passenger like me.
So good luck, have a fantastic trip, follow your dreams and keep blogging!
best wishes