Thursday, 30 August 2007


That is right, panic! One full day left at work, two weeks and three days left till departure, a to-do list as long as my arm and, in my mind, it is now time to panic a bit. I am not majorly freaking out or having panic attacks and sleepless nights or anything but the reality of what I am doing has hit squarely between the eyes. I am leaving my job, renting out my house, putting my worldly possessions on my back and going to Sydney on a BUS, I am completely insane but I hold all of you to blame as well, not one of you tried very hard to stop me!

Ok insane ramblings aside for now I am not really AS freaked out as it may appear, I AM very excited and can’t wait to hit the road, it is just a bit daunting and the last few days before the trip are bound to mess with my head a bit. I am certainly not the only OzBuser getting excited as one of my fellow travellers said recently he “is both excited & worried. Excited about his upcoming travels and worried as he does not know how excited you have to be before you wet yourself.” So you can see that the reality of the impending departure has affected everyone on the trip.

From people rushing around to get those last few bits and pieces to practice sessions with the tent to ensure we have at least an average chance of being able to put them up drunk and take then down hung-over the preparations continue at pace. The next couple of weeks will be filled with drunken goodbyes, family visits, tearful farewells and last minute “oh s***t I knew I had forgotten to do something” jobs but when that bus pulls off from Embankment on the 16th at 6:30am all that will fade away into memory and the adventure will have truly begun…

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