Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 3 – Czech Republic

Tuesday 18th September

Waking up in Prague with the knowledge that we did not need to pack up raised spirits not even the communal showers and the lack of any cold water could dampen the spirits of this crew, the constant rain though did its best to bring us down.

A damp walking tour of Prague later we hit the first bar of the day, swiftly followed by the second bar of the day, a cellar bar where we played drinking games and fusball against the Germans which led to an enjoyable and drunken afternoon. Then it was off for another pork dinner to line the stomachs. The food was ok, the waiter was not a happy camper and yet again we got told to keep the noise down.

After dinner the group split to head off to the town, some went home, some went to bars some tried to jump large queues into nightclubs, gave up and headed to the nearest strip joint. Some fell in love with strippers and all made it back to the campsite one way or another. Then it was off to bed ready to pack up and head out the next morning.

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Marta said...

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