Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 35 – Amiristar – Delhi

Saturday 20th October 2007

This morning was to present the oddest breakfast so far, a veggie club sandwich, a boiled egg and chips! Fed, but in a very strange way, we hit the road for the long drive to Delhi.

We reached the outskirts of town in the early afternoon and spent a couple of hours working our way through the traffic, Delhi is home to 100 million people so traffic is always going to be an issue whatever day it is. To make it worse today is a festival day with people taking to the street on mass and burning effigies making the traffic even worse than usual. We eventually got close the hotel and after a heavily laden 15min trek to the hotel we were checked in and settled.

Once we had unloaded and cleaned up a few of us hit the town to look at the local shopping scene and see what we could find for dinner, for once we were destined to be lucky. After wandering around for a while we found an upstairs vegetarian restaurant and for what worked out at bout £1.20 a head we left full of food and happy. The next stop was the obligatory internet stop followed by a strange discovery. After so long we were not sure we had found it but there is was, a bar! A couple of beers later and a good old fashioned gossip session later we headed back to the hotel hoping to catch the England South Africa game on the telly. Alas this was not to be and I would not hear of our defeat till the morning, still at least I would go to sleep in blissful ignorance!

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