Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 36 – Delhi – Corbett

Sunday 21st October 2007

The day began with a bit of Delhi sight seeing, we have been staying on New Delhi but before heading out we were to visit Old Delhi where a Mosque, the Red Fort and a Bazaar awaited. The Red Fort was fun, despite the extra entry fee for foreigners, instead of hiring a guide we opted to make up fictitious facts within our little group, the most notable being the conversion of the stream of paradise into a bowling alley in the early 12th century and the fact that this used to be called the Green Fort then someone worked out it was Red and changed the name. There were also a large amount of Chipmunks hanging around the grounds.

After this we discovered the bazaar was not open yet and headed to the mosque, here we would have to fork over extra cash for a camera ticket, without which you could not take photos, still you have to roll with the punches sometimes. It was a nice Mosque as Mosques go and to be fair we are verging on world authorities on the subject by this stage of the trip! It was then back on the coach via many street hawkers, one who was so persistent he haggled for you until my girlfriend finally gave in and bought the mini chess set for 300 rupees, he started at 850!

Our next stop was the Cornett Tiger Reserve and two nights of camping beckoned. After a long, incredibly bumpy, drive we arrived at night and were offered the chance to upgrade from tents to bungalows at the princely sum of 2,500 rupees, wanting to save pennies for safaris and beer I stuck with the tent option! A nice meal, a few drinks and a roaring camp fire were fun for all and it was then off for an early night ready for our 6am safari the next morning!

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