Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 64 – Jakarta

Sunday 18th November 2007

The day began with calls to the room which due to sheer tiredness and the need for a lie in were duly ignored. Breakfast in bed followed then it was off down to the lobby to see what the plan was. Unsurprisingly there was nothing too appealing planned so the morning was taken up with planning for after Jakarta, there were several options open to the group.

We had just discovered that our OzBus companions had run into a little trouble with the Indonesian roads, i.e. they had been washed away in a flood (the roads not the OzBusers). This now meant they were flying into Jakarta today but not staying, they were getting a connection flight straight on to Yokikarta, the home of the Bora Bora Temple. This was one of our options as well.

So with this info at our disposal three options were developed:

i) Fly to Yogikarta, see the Bora Bora temple and then fly on to Bali, staying ahead of the group
ii) Get the train to Yogikarta and rejoin the bus there
iii) Fly straight to Bali and enjoy a week in a beach paradise before flying to our final country of the Trip, Oz.

Two people went for option number one, two went for option number two and six, including me, went for option number three. With this decision out the way we found ourselves an Irish Bar, ate drank and were generally merry before hitting the hay.

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