Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 73 – Kakadu – Katherine

Tuesday 27th November 2007

Today would have a leisurely start with the sun boiling us out of our tents at around six and breakfast at around eight we were soon packed up and back on the road.

Today we were driving all the way to Katherine Gorge where we would camp the night then see the gorge in the morning. Along the way we would see aboriginal art, local wildlife and vegetation and even go for a dip in lake with a waterfall at one end of it (the sign next to it said the crocs in this particular area are fine as long as you don’t provoke them!).

We arrived at Katherine Campground and were presented with a welcome surprise, pre-pitched tents with bunk beds! Although it was still to hot to sleep we still tried and a few beers helped out as well.

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