Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 75 – Daly Waters – Alice Springs

Thursday 29th November 2007

With an early morning breakfast in the Daly Waters beer garden kicking off the day it was in to the bus and on our way towards Alice Spring bright and early. While there was quite a distance to be covered today there were also some treats along the way.

Our first stop of note would be the devil’s marbles, and impressive rock formation said to the eggs of a great serpent (according to aboriginal stories) here our guide explained more about aboriginal trading customs, territories and dream time. We then walked round the marbles posing for photos in split rocks and sheltering from the heat in natural caves.

The next stop of the day worth a mention is the Tropic of Capricorn, one of those things you have heard of and are excited to see but essentially turns out to be a poncy monument and a white line in the ground, still a good photo opp and one of those great little anecdotes to drop into dinner party conversation, “oh the tropic of Capricorn, I crossed that once”.

After this it was time to plough on towards Alice Springs, when we arrived we set up in our camp site and headed out to a local backpacker bar. Here we had a good feed and caught an interesting reptile show then it was off to bed ready to head out to Kings Canyon the next day.

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