Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 76 – Alice Springs – Kings Canyon

Friday 30th November 2007

Kings Canyon was a fair drive away and we would not be visiting the canyon till the next day. It was a hefty drive but we would arrive at the campsite before dark if all went to plan. On route we would have the pleasure of seeing our first camel farm of trip.

The wild camel population of Australia is over 500,000 and camel farms crop up quite regularly. This one was very interesting, a nice little café, camel rides for those so inclined and a very nice camel called Blackie who quickly became and OzBus favourite.

We headed out saying our farewells to Blackie and continued on to King’s Canyon. Here we were kindly given a cheeky upgrade where we would be sleeping in pre pitched tents with power! The only condition was that we did not use the sheets and we left them pristine the next day, a fairly simple request followed by all but one but that is a story for tomorrow morning, not now.

A few beers at the campsite bar saw us of for an early night, those waling the canyon in the morning needed to be on parade at crack of sparrows. Now I was not one of these lucky soles. As I think I mentioned before I had been hoping to take a helicopter ride over Katherine Gorge earlier in the week but had not been able to. Turns out you can do it at Kings as well so that was my plan for the morning as I headed to a comfy bed.

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