Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 77 – Kings Canyon – Uluru

Saturday 1st December 2007

The day starts well, the promise of a helicopter ride, up with the sun and ready to wish the OzBusers a fun bush walk me and a few others decide to check everyone has stuck to the deal for the nice tents and made their beds up. We checked the huts and all seemed fine till we came to one that stopped us in our tracks. While everyone else had played the game this person had left their bed unmade and obviously slept in, rubbish on the floor and the fan had been taken apart.

Some enquiries around camp led to the obvious culprit being identified, our on board journalist had, as per usual, decided the rules did not apply to her and had left her room in a state and wondered off to reception to try and get on the internet. Something snapped in me at this point and I went off in a rage to find this ridiculous little woman and get her back to sort this out. When found she claimed she had not slept in the bed and did not know that we were supposed to leave the rooms clean! Amazing how everyone else seemed to catch on. She headed back and did a half assed job of sorting it out before rushing on to the coach to do the bush walk, with her laptop in hand! My girlfriend very kindly then tidied up after the silly woman and we went off to find out helicopter flight.

Luckily no amount of annoyance from this stupid woman could ruin the experience of flying the canyon in a helicopter, it was amazing! My girlfriend, Mr Bee and I marvelled at the views and landed back at camp happy and ready to hit the road again to get to Ayres Rock, which is exactly what we did next.

On the way we drove round Ayres Rock, went to the visitors centre, learnt about the reasons why you should not climb the rock, saw the “sorry book” where people have returned stolen parts of this mystical rock after receiving bad luck and saw and interesting confrontation between one of our Ozzies and our journalist about the previous nights antics.

A disappointing sunset at the rock was followed by a camp dinner and a few drinks before hitting the bunks, the next day we had the option of seeing a sunrise over the rock before having a day to ourselves. Now I decided not to go to the sunrise. “What?” I hear you gasp, but I have been let down by too many sunrises on this trip and could not take the disappointment of another.

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