Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 78 – Uluru

Sunday 2nd December 2007

Having skipped the sunrise – which was not the best so I am glad I did – we headed in to the resort near the campsite and grabbed some breakfast, did some shopping and generally relaxed. Washing was done, another no spectacular sunrise was viewed then my girlfriend, Mr Bee and myself snuck off for dinner at the resort.

We have a very pleasant dinner and then went to get the resort bus back to camp. Unfortunately for us this does not run past 9pm. Fortunately for us I had a torch because our pitch black bush walk home would have been much worse without it! Still we made it back in one piece and hit the hay pretty soon after, turns out on of our fellow busers had been taken to hospital for dehydration but she would be fine by the time we had to leave the next morning.

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