Wednesday, 20 February 2008

And another one bites the dust...

As we near the end of March we say goodbye to another OzBuser who has decided to leave Sydney, having used his working visa on a previous visit to Oz he needed the much coveted sponsorship before he got a job and this turned out to just be too complicated. He leaves us for the shores of New Zealand where we wish him all the best and if the drunken plans from last night come together we will see him for a skiing holiday late this year!

To see off our bus mate we headed out to Newtown last night, the four out of the five OzBusers who still reside in Sydney, our departing friend and the tour leader from OzBus 2 all met up in a Irish bar for a quick pint (not a schooner I am glad to say but an actual pint!). We then headed on to a bar called the Vanguard where we had some dinner and check out a live band who were pretty good to be fair.

As it was a school night and our departing Irishman had an 8:30am flight it was not destined to be a late one, so after dinner and a delayed but well worth it banoffeee pie (it has been so long since I had one, you just don’t get them here) it was off home for a good night’s sleep.

So now there are only five of us left here in the harbour city and we have been in Sydney for the same amount of time that we were on the bus. Life is getting back in to the rhythm and routine you expect from normality but the tug of travelling is now ever present and in a few years when we have truly had our fill of Aussie life I have no doubt that we will begin another adventure. Who knows where it will take us and how many stops along the way will distract us but one day we will go home, the trick is going to be working out where that is as I truly have no idea anymore...

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