Friday, 22 February 2008

A new addition to the blog...lets see if it works!

Hi everyone, surprisingly enough it still seems that people are coming to my blog and checking out my random ramblings, admittedly nowhere near as many as when I was on the road but I am glad that a few of you have decided to keep coming back.

I got an email from someone the other day asking me if I could add a forum to my blog so people could discuss travelling tips and share experiences, unfortunately I am not tech savvy enough to do this but then I had an idea. If any of you do fancy starting up a little traveller’s community, a forum to discuss ideas and experiences, get suggestions for your next trip, suggest topics for me to blog on or just meet like minded travellers, I have made a Facebook group just for this blog, OzBus Diaries - The Group. Don’t let the name fool you, it is not just for people who have been or plan to go on the OzBus, it is for any and all travellers who fancy joining up.

There is a link to the group at the top of my home page and if you fancy joining just pop into Facebook and send me a request. If you are not a Facebook user yet I highly recommend it, especially if you are on the road as it is a great way to keep everyone informed of what you are up to and share your photos along the way.

So as the weekend is nearly upon us I will wish you a happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend, for any of you in Sydney looks like there might be some beach worthy weather this weekend, finally, so I for one am planning to make the most of it. I am also hitting the Sydney Tower this weekend, thank you for the suggestion of Australia Square from one of my readers and I will add it to the to do list, still going to do the Tower as I have ticket for it but will definitely try out the revolving restaurant soon.

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